↪ Please ensure that at the time of your application, you have a friends only post that reflects the month and date of your application, but has been dated to reflect a future year at the top of your journal. A screened OOC contact post using the same future dating technique should follow directly below it.
If you choose to simply change the date on the above-mentioned entries, you will also want to ensure that your journal's timestamp (i.e., the last time you posted something in it) reflects the date of your application. If you do not, you may inadvertently cause yourself to be eligible for removals.

↪ The celebrity you would like to portray must be 18 years of age or older at the time of your application to be considered. Additionally, they must be a public figure on the merits of their own work, rather than that of a spouse, partner, or social media platform influencer status alone. That said, contact us if there are questions - we will do our best to be fair to everyone involved based on their fit amidst our current member list.

↪ Usernames should be variants of your celebrity's given name or their stage name. Nicknames or additional characters (i.e., numbers, underscores, extra letters or words) will not be considered.

↪ Please refrain from the use of noembed codes in your profile, and remove any unrelated communities and/or journals from your list. Retaining current members and/or applicants on your friends list is okay!

↪ Two samples of your writing should be provided at the time of your application in order to be considered for membership. Entry examples are plenty, but if you would like to include another kind of example that showcases your writing style, this is perfectly fine.
In the interest of encouraging people to branch out and try new things, it is not a requirement that your examples are written from the vantage point of the celebrity with whom you are applying. In the event of a challenge, no preferential treatment will be provided simply based on the celebrity portrayed in the examples provided.

↪ Speaking of challenges, only 2 will be accepted per role, bringing the total number of permitted applications per celebrity to 3. We do ask that you indicate you are challenging somewhere in your application, but you do not have to apologize for it - we understand!
If you were part of a challenge and ultimately were not the one accepted into the community for that role, you may contact us if there is another celebrity you would like to join with instead. If it is within 24 hours of the adds where your challenge took place, we will be happy to add you with your original cohort of applicants.
For previous members:
↪ Please ensure that if you have been removed more than 14 days prior to your reapplication date, you have cleared your friends list so that you can start fresh in the event that you are added back to the community.

↪ If you were removed within the last month for exceeding the update deadline, please ensure that the appropriate post type based on what was due at the time of your removal (whether "effort" or otherwise) has been made.

↪ Any previous member who was removed a month or more in advance of their application will be considered a new applicant; however, please indicate that you were here before so that you will not remain in the "removals" section on the friends button.

↪ If you were removed, and are then challenged on your reapplication to the community, you may CONTACT US. Similarly to our "three strikes" rule regarding overrides, we will make every effort to be flexible, while also taking the importance of protecting our activity standards into consideration.

For override attempts:
↪ The most important factor here is that you must CONTACT US prior to submitting an override application. Failure to confirm that you may proceed with an override will result in a deleted application, and you will not be considered for the current round of adds.

↪ In the interest of flexibility and understanding with our current member base, there will be a "three strikes" policy implemented when it comes to protecting yourself from an override attempt. This means that if the issue causing you to be eligible for override is corrected prior to the time adds are completed, you will be safe on the first two attempts. However, if you are on your "third strike," so to speak, and the override applicant is otherwise eligible to join our community, you will be subject to removal.

↪ The following elements will contribute to someone's eligibility for override:
If you were part of a challenge and ultimately were not the one accepted into the community for that role, you may contact us if there is another celebrity you would like to join with instead. If it is within 24 hours of the adds where your challenge took place, we will be happy to add you with your original cohort of applicants.
No introduction posted within five days of being added to the community.
Friends list has not been updated within the last week.
All original comments made to a post within the first 72 hours of its creation have not been answered by the time adds are completed. (Whether or not these comments then proceed to become threads, as well as whether or not comments more than three days after the initial date of the post should be answered will be left to the member's discretion.)
A journal has not been updated in more than three weeks.
Activity requirements, either through the use of "effort" posts or the community points system, have not been maintained.

↪ If a member has contacted us about delay(s) in their activity, they will not be considered eligible for override.

Activity requirements:
↪ Please post within 5 days of being added to the community. What you choose to post, whether it is an introduction or another original form of encouraging interaction from fellow members, is entirely up to you. We ask that you reply at least once to each comment that is left within 72 hours (3 days) of any original post. Whether you choose to engage in a thread with each commenter, as well as whether you choose to reply after this initial timeline will be left to your discretion.

↪ Posts must be made in each member's journal once every 3 weeks. If you are participant in our POINTS SYSTEM, what goes into your journal will be up to your discretion for each 3-week cycle that you meet the requirements for an "effort pass." If you choose not to participate in our points system, that is also okay - in this case, you will be required to create an "effort" post every other update, or approximately once every 6 weeks.
An "effort" post should be one of the following, or will need to be submitted for mod approval if you think of something different:
An original text-based entry consisting of 250 words or more.
A visually creative entry requiring substantial coding.
A playlist consisting of 10 or more individually linked songs.

↪ We ask that you do not disable commenting on your posts, unless they are of a sensitive or personal nature - if you are considering this, you may contact us if you'd like.
↪ Members must update their friends list at least once per week.
↪ Please feel free to contact us if you know that something will impede your ability to meet the guidelines above for a defined period of time - whether it's that you need a brief extension, or a more extended break. This is a hobby, not an occupation, and will be treated as such - as long as you have contacted us in advance, your role will not be considered eligible for override.
↪ Activity checks will be completed monthly for the entire community.
↪ See our POINTS SYSTEM for more information on the unique ways in which we are incentivizing all types of activity from our members!

The APPLICATION POST will contain the most up to date information regarding when the next set of adds and removals will be completed.

Additional considerations:
↪ While we do not ask you to be friends with every member within the community, we do require tolerance and respect. This means that the following will not be tolerated, and may be considered grounds for removal with or without warning:
Racism, sexism, antisemitism, homophobia, transphobia, hate speech, or other forms of discrimination
Harassment or targeting of fellow members
Crossing of IC/OOC lines
IP logging
If you choose to use your celebrity's own words in the content of your post, you must include a link or reference to the original use of these words.
↪ We will leave this up to each member's discretion, but you may want to consider DISABLING ANONYMOUS COMMENTS.
↪ Please keep an eye out for ways to participate in our POINTS SYSTEM, as well as engage in community activities to help our group thrive. We are hoping to make regular community participation and engagement among our members the standard within our community, so have fun!